September 2013 – LED Lighting


Outdoor Accents September, 2013 Newsletter


David R. Sloan


Sloan started Outdoor Accents in 1998 with the idea of combining his artistic creativity with his passion for quality lighting. What he created is Chicagoland’s most innovative and versatile outdoor lighting company. He has become the industry leader in world class landscape illumination engineering.
 LED Lights
LED Lighting now makes up a majority of the work we’re doing.  The color of the light is the same warm white we get from standard halogen bulbs and the 80,000 hour rating make this technology hard to ignore.  



As you can see, the front and side of this house looks GORGEOUS.  The LED lights provide the same beautiful aesthetic value using 90% less power!
And the patio and yard look great as well.  Notice the natural effect of the LED moon light highlighting the patio.
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