March 2014 – AOLP Awards

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March, 2014 Newsletter 

David R. Sloan


Sloan started Outdoor Accents in 1998 with the idea of combining his artistic creativity with his passion for quality lighting. What he created is Chicagoland’s most innovative and versatile outdoor lighting company. He has become the industry leader in world class landscape illumination engineering.
 Award Winning Lights
Once again Outdoor Accents has been recognized nationally for lighting excellence.  The Association of Lighting Professionals (AOLP) has voted and awarded us first place awards in two categories. 
Best Lighting: Residential Home



We lit up the front of this beautiful home with a combination of ground lighting and down lighting.  We used under ledge lights for the stair cases and gutter mounted lights to highlight the chimney and the small dormer windows and copula.
Best Lighting: Special Feature
This special feature is nothing more than a bench with a decorative wooden backing and a mirror that looks like a window.  We installed color changing LED light ribbon behind the wooden backing and it turns into a work of art.  It makes an otherwise ordinary feature the centerpiece of the backyard. 
More Awards 
The Illinois Landscape Contractors Association also voted last month to award Outdoor Accents in the area of:
Best Garden After Dark
  Blue and green string lights up in the pergola, moon lights on the patio and stairs, sconce lights on the posts and flood lights on the retaining walls all combine to give this outdoor living space an almost magical look.

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