January 2014 – Memorabilia Lighting


Indoor Lighting Newsletter
January 2014
Lighting As Art
  This Fender Stratocaster Guitar is signed by the members of The Rolling Stones.  Who wouldn’t want to feature it?  We saw it as an opportunity to explore our creative side and turn this collectors item into a work of art.  With LED back-lighting, this great piece is now a centerpiece.  The LED lighting is not hot and will not damage the guitar and it has a color-changing setting for many different, very cool effects.  Are there any pieces around your house you would like to feature?
Functional Aesthetic Cabinet Lighting
High contact, closely spaced LED light ribbon was perfect for these shelves.  The light highlights the beautiful wood grain and illuminates the shelves perfectly.  What areas around your home could use some light ribbon to beautify and highlight the surroundings?  Give us a call.
Consider an LED Retrofit:  Changing Incandescent and CFL to LED Bulbs
Contact Information
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