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Landscape Lighting Design & Installation for Chicago, IL

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by admin

The lighting specialists at Accents Lighting are experts in LED and lighting design and installation.  Lighting has the ability to enhance beauty while increasing the security and function of an area.  Our  lighting designs take in to consideration all of the many benefits lighting can bring while focusing on those that are most important to our individual customers.  We are the architectural lighting contractors in the Chicago area and our customer reviews and project photos are our best referrals.

As we walk into most homes and businesses it is clear that many of their dreams have already been realized in the architecture, and the living space that is to be illuminated.  With lighting we can increase functionality of those spaces and enhance the way they look.  Here are some key elements we will take into consideration with you as we help you to realize how light can transform your property.

Curb Appeal – It’s the first impression your friends, family and neighbors get when they see your home it’s also the first thing we see when we get home after a long day of work.  For most people this curb appeal fades with sun at the end of the day; but for others it when their home looks it’s best as their lighting system accents their home’s best features.  Advancements is LED technology have changed the lighting industry bringing many benefits but also some challenges in achieving the same warmth and beauty of conventional halogen lighting.  As lighting designers and contractors we have embraced the many benefits of LED lighting while continuing to design award winning lighting projects that have captivated out customers and their neighbors in the Chicagoland area for years.

Safety – From walkways and stairs to water or snow and ice, an outdoor lighting system can make your home safer for you and your guests.  It’s also a proven crime deterrent.  Whether safety is a primary concern or simply a added bonus to making your home more beautiful at night, it’s a feature within all of our lighting designs.

Function - Each part of your home to be lit serves a different purpose and your lighting system should enhance the functionality of each part.  From a BBQ light on a switch to a moonlight over a patio, Outdoor Accents‘ lighting designers have the artistic vision needed backed by years of experience to perfect the ambiance of any lighting scene around your home.

Focal Points – While during the day most everything outside your home is equally lit the nighttime hours offer a unique opportunity to capture someone’s attention and by highlighting your home’s best features.  Whether it be a pronounced roofline peak, a beautiful tree, water feature or statue,  Accents Lighting can capture their beauty and magnify it after the sundown.

Value – LED lighting become widely accepted as the alternative to conventional light sources and for good reason.  With LED you can operate your new lighting system for a fraction of the cost with very little maintenance over time.  We are well versed on all LED lighting products available but most importantly we know which LED products will give you that inviting warm white light that made conventional bulbs so popular for so many years.  Whether your project calls for 3 fixtures or 300 fixtures, no project is too big or small for us.  Our lighting installation methods make it easy to do future add ons or to make changes to accommodate landscape growth so you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying your outdoor lighting system for as long as you own your home.

Our landscape lighting photo gallery is a great place to spark your imagination start realizing how Outdoor Accents can improve the look and feel of your home like no other lighting company can.  For questions or to meet with one of our expert lighting designers call 815.774.9185