What’s the skinny about LED lighting?

What’s the skinny on LED lighting? 

  • LED has arrived!  Even four months ago we couldn’t say this.  But the technology has improved faster than anything we’ve ever seen.  The color of the light (i.e. the Kelvin scale) is the same as the low voltage halogen bulbs we’ve always used, but the power consumption is far less and the lifetime is ridiculously more. 


  • On a standard 600 watt low voltage lighting system, running an average of 6 hours a night, the power savings is $65.70 less per year for LED over halogen.  When you factor in not having to change bulbs, the savings is $365.70 per year.  Over the ten year life of the LED bulbs, the savings will be $3,657.00.  Plus you don’t have to worry about calling us for service.


Having us change out all your bulbs to LED bulbs will certainly cost you more than our Lighting Service Contract this year, but over time they more than pay for themselves in energy and service savings.  Call us for a free quote on an LED retro-fit on your lighting system.
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