What makes Outdoor Accents different from any other outdoor lighting company?

Orland Park Peak Lights

Outdoor Accents was founded in the Chicago market in 1991. From day one we have made lighting our passion! We realize that there are other companies that claim to provide the same products and services. So we know that we have to go one step further to ensure that we will not compromise our clients and ourselves, by providing nothing less than the best in fixtures, materials, workmanship, and service. We realize that we are in this for the long haul and want to make sure we are able to put our signature and professionalism into each and every job. Although other lighting companies may use quality fixtures, we use more specialty fixtures for very specific applications. We also incorporate on many homes a great deal of down lighting from peaks and also in trees. Many other lighting companies use only ground mounted fixtures. As stated before, many of our fixtures carry a lifetime warranty but we do not use the same fixtures other franchises do. We use specific fixtures that fit the decor and the specific application.

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