Can’t I purchase the fixtures from the local hardware store and do it myself?

Incredible Fireplace LightingFrankly, store bought lights are cheap.  They look cheap.  Most importantly, they give a cheap effect.  These lights carry at best a one-year warranty. Our fixtures carry a lifetime no-hassle warranty. Store bought systems can be purchased for around $400 to $500 (including transformer). Those lights may last one or two years before our harsh Illinois winters destroy them. Then you will spend that money again to replace them. When Outdoor Accents designs a lighting system we consider it a lifetime system. Our materials include stainless steel, spun brass, copper and cast aluminum – no plastic!Also, store bought kits come with 12-volt transformers, not the multi-tap transformers we use, resulting in a significant voltage drop from light to light. This greatly diminishes the effect and leads to dim lighting and an unbalanced appearance.

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